Erin Kammerer has been a practicing Bodyworker and Yoga teacher since 2002. She specializes in Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Personal Yoga Programs. Her clients come with conditions ranging from low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, hip conditions, injury rehabilitation, digestive disorders, grieving and transformation, emotional and physical stress and healing from a sedentary lifestyle. Erin sees clients in Berkeley, East Bay, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz Area.

Intuition & Technique

People feel powerful changes in their well being from bodywork sessions with Erin.  Her skillful approach is anchored in the ability to empath and sense the roots of imbalance, and then to reveal the pathways towards balance. In other words, she finds the path of least resistance for her clients to release tension and feel well.

Her in-depth training in Anatomy and Physiology, Thai and Chinese Energy Channels, Yoga & the Chakra System, the Craniosacral System and the Mind-Body connection give a solid foundation for her to work in this intuitive way. The body-mind-spirit responds to being seen and heard. Erin listens and follows the subtle energy and natural healing process in every session with her clients. In this way, there is little to no resistance for your body to let go, trust is established on a deeper level and positive changes occur.