About Me

After a serious car accident in 2001, I felt an overwhelming sensation of healing and I let it guide me back to a life of balance, clarity and touch.

I completed several Yoga and Thai Massage trainings in the following years and focused primarily on one-on-one sessions with people in physical therapist and in mental health facilities in Boulder, Colorado and Wilmington, NC.  I eventually moved East where I was met with cultures that had already integrated the Mind-Body connection into their therapies and I spent the next 7 years, all my time and resources learning from them.

With more experience came more intuition and I learned how to coach people into awareness of their mind-body connection through questions and insight. People with severe physical traumas, emotional traumas and lifestyle stress were seeing changes after our sessions and I was learning A LOT from my clients, and still do.

I continue to study with Pischest for Thai Massage, Hugh Milne for Craniosacral Therapy and the abundance of skilled and wise Yoga teachers in the Bay Area to refine my own skill and help people move from the dark towards the Light. This process is built in for us and I am honored to reveal it with skillful and nurturing touch