Thai Massage in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and the Bay Area

Imagine your potential as a human being free from tension…

Thai Massage or Thai Healing is a powerful treatment anchored in 5,000 years of teachings and practice.  It is similar to acupuncture and shiatsu, guided by a map of energy channels and precise listening and observation.  Relieving tension along these energy channels can cure mind, heart and body imbalances.

Thai Massage with Erin combines skill of sensing with techniques of soft tissue manipulation, compression, rhythmic movements, joint mobilization and stretching.  The organic sequence relieves tension, inflammation and injury that cause pain and stagnation.  Some people respond better to Thai Massage because of the grounding, warming and calming effects the rhythmic touch have on restoring the nervous system while relieving pain and symptoms.

Erin practices a style of Thai Massage she learned mainly from Master teacher Pischest Boonthume near Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Pischest’s emphasis on sensing, listening and following with deep compression along the major muscles and energetic pathways make this style of Thai Massage a highly effective tool for chronic pain sufferers, imbalances in nervous system, digestive system, breathing difficulties and a wise resource for stress management.   Erin has since integrated Osteo-Thai techniques and maintained her private Thai healing practice since 2004.




The Experience

Erin’s Thai Massage ranges from 90 minutes to 2 hours.  You will be notified if there is a need to extend the massage to 2 hours and not be charged extra if you choose to stay.  The reason for this flexibility is that some people need more time in session to feel effects and some people need less time.

The massage is done in a relaxing, quiet room that supports a view of sunlight and trees. You start lying on your back on a large heated mat with supportive pillows, creating an optimal alignment in your body for receiving.

The session generally begins at the feet with rhythmic pressure along the energy channels of the legs and feet. Pressure is always modified for each person’s preference and effectiveness.

Joint rotation and mobilization for ankles, knees and hips keep fluids healthy and is an excellent resource for helping arthritis, stiffness and blood circulation.

Techniques in side-lying position create deep relaxation and comfort for working directly with the abdominal region to bring vital energy flow to the organs and improve digestion.

Acupressure points on the shoulder joint and behind the shoulder-blade and stretches for chest, neck and upper back reduce tension from stress and working with modern devices.  I

Deep compressions and stretches for the gluteus muscles and backs of legs reduce painful symptoms related to sciatica and overall tightness in hips and low back pain.

The treatment ends at your head with massage, compression and stretching along the points on the neck and head to relieve headaches and open the channels for clarity, insight and meditation.

The feeling at the end of the session is relaxed, free of tension, yet clear and vibrant.

There is always the option to call before booking a session to talk more about your current condition and see if it is a good fit for you.